Solar PV Modules from SENERSUN

Senersun is a French company, with a French staff and a European top management. To provide end-users with more attractive prices, the production of the panels has been moved to Asia, in a factory managed by a team of experts, with a thorough experience not only in PV, but also in quality management.

To guarantee the most reliable solar panels, EVERY Senersun solar panel is submitted to the strictest quality control program ever implemented by a solar panel manufacturer Senersun Premium Quality Program (SPQP).

  1. In-house:  100% Flash test and 100% EL tests at 3 stages, to control the quality of the cells and the panels’ performance. Senersun standards, exceeding the industry standards for quality, are applied during production. Continuous inspection by STS-Certified during production to monitor our manufacturing process.

  2. Exclusive  full product validation by STS-Certified:  100% full re-check by a third party. Everything is tested on EACH panel, from cell quality (100% EL test) to performance (100% Flash test), by workmanship (technical, visual inspections), according to their standards. Only approved panels are shipped.

Many PV makers may claim they offer the highest quality but, to date, none of them are willing to have all their panels tested independently: Senersun is the ONLY company that can really prove its quality.

Standard Series

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Product and Factory Certifications

 The risk-free solar panel

Senersun is one of the few companies offering a 25-year linear performance warranty on all its panels, in standard. This warranty guarantees to end-users that their panels will perform more and longer. It complements the 10-year product warranty available with every Senersun panels.

Linear warranty: what does that mean?

Senersun guarantees that its solar panels will produce at least 97% of the rated power output during the first year. From the second year onwards, the power will not decrease by more than 0.7% of the rated power per year.

For example, at year 10, Senersun modules' performance are guaranteed to be at least 90% of the rated power, compared to the industry standard warranty of 80%. Senersun's 25-year performance warranty is complemented by a 10-year product warranty, positive power tolerance (every panel will produce at least as much as expected and up to 3% more), and an exclusive 100% third-party re-test of the panels, in order to guarantee the most sustainable performance that a solar panel can offer.