PureH2O A/S is a Danish owned company producing and marketing mobile water purifiers for use in areas affected by natural disasters and Drinking Water Stations in other places where clean drinking water is scarce.

Soleai supply and helps on design of mobile solar power plants for their BlueBox products.

Here you can see one of the designed prototype:

This DEMO version was improved installing a 24V water pump obtaining more pressure and flow.
SolTermal is a Spanish company which offer services and products of:
  • Led Lighting
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar Heating Systems
  • and much more

We are permanently in contact sharing knowledge.

It's not easy to explain what is this project, so we recommend you to read the concept directly from their website.
Dignidad is a Spanish NGO focused on education programs and sustainable development for children and people of African countries, mainly Mozambique.

Gael Force is a Irish company which develops monitoring software for big wind energy plants. The advantages of their software are:

  • No hardware needed
  • Suitable for all kind of wind turbines
  • Real-Time monitoring with mobile app
  • Energy and money profit information
  • Alarms and daily incidences report