Maintenance of solar panels

Solar panels demand little or no maintenance at all. The panels will “take care of themselves” and only the transformer will have to be maintained and, sometimes, replaced.

Follow this little guide and you will benefit from everything you solar panel system has to offer.

  • Look out for dirt on your panels regularly. They are very sensitive to shadow, as this reduces performance. Normally it is enough to let the rain clean up the panels. However, always pay attention that there are not leaves or other things caught on the panels.

  • If the panels are installed in a property close to the coast, salt deposits can be grouped and should be washed off in order to keep the performance of the solar panels.

  • The cables used to assemble the panels can be affected by the sunlight.

Overall, a very manageable task.

If you want more info about the maintenance or plan a yearly maintenance of the whole installation ask us!